Who’s In Control Here?

It's okay to be a total control freak

Control is something that appears to have become more difficult to exercise in our lives. Things seem to keep taking more of this precious commodity away from us at an ever increasing pace. But is this true? We hear or read about how we have less control in our lives and  begin to feel we as if it’s a fact. Maybe the reason it’s become more difficult to have control in our lives is because we’ve bought into the suggestion, by others, that they have more of it. Perhaps, in fact, we’re just allowing it by virtue of believing they do. #michaelddavis

The Truth Is…

Opinion and Perspective

What is truth?  We once believed that the earth was flat and the center of the universe. Everything revolved around us. As knowledge and understanding and tolerance for radical, even heretical, thought increased what had been true was in fact discovered to be a disregard for knowledge. And herein lies a fact. Our beliefs are based largely on manipulated perspectives and opinions we have chosen, or been forced to adopt, not the reality of our own experience. The truth is rarely what it seems and must always be questioned.  #michaelddavis

The Function Of A Genius

Success is a matter of common sense.jpg

Genius isn’t knowing where your destination will be, it’s knowing your destined to be where you should. Genius isn’t who should choose to help you, it’s who you should choose to help. Genius isn’t a matter of spending your time, it’s a matter of your time well spent. Genius isn’t having to change to be who you wish, it’s being the change you wish to have. Genius isn’t seeing the writing on the wall, it’s writing on that wall for others to see. Genius isn’t ever comfortable feeling or being superior to anyone else. It’s the comfort of knowing, being and feeling the best version of your self. #michaelddavis

The Gift Of Opportunity

Make more opportunities than you find

Youth is filled with a special magic and excitement at receiving those gifts your heart and mind have come to believe as being the things to bring you most joy above all others. Parents and relatives are happy to provide you with the trappings that help you tell your social circle, “I belong” or “I have”. This is the point in your life when these things carry more weight in your mind, and in the minds or your peers than anything else. Going without is not an option and the momentary satisfaction of getting what you want is thrilling and even intoxicating to the point of becoming obsession at times.

You soon learn though that it isn’t the physical things of life that bring you the real happiness you seek. The realization that something is missing fills your mind with a feeling and desire you can’t name or really even understand. You just know that inside there’s this growing hole of immense desire to do and experience and call all your own. There’s  more and you’ve got to have it. So you call it adventure and run full speed into the beauty and ugliness of life and living in search of fulfillment, meaning and identity. What you find along the way is exciting and frightening and confusing and good and bad. Sometimes, even most times, all at once.

Somewhere in this high speed adventure of yours a transformation begins. Life, that thing you’ve sought and longed for and chased after with such zeal and ambition, is no longer such a mystery. Experience is gained, opinions and biases are created, and like the foundation of a house, you’ve poured out the concrete and it’s begun to set, forming the foundation for the structure that becomes the rest of your life. Things begin to get heavy. No longer are you chasing your life, instead your now pulling or even dragging it along after you. Some claim that life has just passed them by but It isn’t so much life passing you by as you pressing on in search of something beyond and better than what you’ve experienced, accomplished and gathered. You find yourself wondering at times, “is this all? Is this what I’ve been chasing after? for what, for whom and why?”

As you mature and the walls are raised on the foundation of your life, you are faced with the most important choice you will ever have. You can build a thick impenetrable fortress to hide within, fearing what is outside your thick walls, living with your own thoughts and shutting out all else. Or you can build an open, high ceiling inviting dwelling where you gather with others and share what you have, who you are and what you’ve learned. This dwelling, full of picture windows and open doorways invites and welcomes others in, while allowing you to look out onto the rest of the world with enjoyment and reflection. Life literally flows through like a warm, refreshing breeze. Each of those doors and windows you’ve created represents an opportunity for you to continue to live and learn and share. You realize one day, that the gift you’ve sought so long and hard for has been with you all along. It’s been inside you the whole time. Everything you’ve experienced has gone into making this gift absolutely unique. You’ve been given a life to share with others and the opportunity to live it as you wish. No one has lived your life as you have or experienced things in the same way. And that is truly your gift.

The opportunities that life presents us with, to do with it what we will and experience as we desire is the most precious gift we have. It’s also the most important to pass on to others. But experiences must be shared if they are to be of value. By giving of ourselves, Physically, mentally, socially and spiritually, out of love and compassion and a true desire to do what is right and honorable and good, we leave a legacy that goes far beyond any physical manifestation of wealth. Opportunities abound where opportunity is shared. The greatest lesson we can be taught in our youth is the importance of giving with no expectation of a physical gift in return and that sharing, not hording, is a truly admirable virtue. For in freely giving you pass on the opportunity for others to learn the power and importance of giving as well.  #michaeldavis

Beauty And The Beast

Believe in the beauty of your dreams.jpg

What is your dream for the future? Is it brightly lit by the beauty of a thousand brilliant stars, each one a glittering point of hope in a sky of opportunity, lighting your upward path and encouraging strength and perseverance as you reach high for your goals? Or is it a nightmare of suffocating darkness and empty uncertainty, weighed down by messages from the naysayers and doomsday peddlers spouting hyperbolic and vitriolic venom to sell self serving sensationalism?

Think about it. Think about all of it. Your dreams, your future, your hopes and desires. Is it the beauty of your dreams that fuels your thoughts and warms your heart in the comfort of the night? Or is it the hellish scenarios that engulf us at every turn, effectively enslaving us into a belief that all is broken, and if only we listen more and buy the message of ugliness being sold will we understand the need to believe their brand of reality?

Yes, think about it. The message is simple. Where there is hope there is love. Where there is love there is caring. Where there is caring there is beauty and within the beauty of your dreams there is joy. Within the joy of your dreams you will find the keys to happiness. #michaelddavis

Oh To Be Truly Free!

None but ourselves can free our minds

Within each of us lies a secret prison where we sit, in the darkness of our private thoughts, languishing in fear, guilt, prejudice, bias and habit. We seldom if ever share the existence of this space with others where we are conflicted and confused by who we are and what we do. Instead we put up a facade that says to others that we are secure in who and what we are. But deep down, in that secret prison, we know that this isn’t the  truth.

The irony is that we hold the key to the door that will free us from these self imposed limitations where we have chosen to hold ourselves hostage. We alone choose to be who we are by what we think and how we act upon those thoughts. We imprison our minds and justify it by telling ourselves things like “I need to fit in to be liked”, “It’s always been this way”, “I’ll lose my identity if I change” or the worst, “I can’t and won’t even try to change”.  If you truly wish to experience the happiness and joy of being free just know that you hold the only existing key to making it happen.

Thoughts are powerful things. They change lives and they change the world. Pick up that key, open the door to freeing your mind and be the change that this world so desperately needs. #michaelddavis

Opportunity Is Just A Difficulty Away

Opportunities on every hand

Do you find yourself wishing things were different? Do you dream about the “what if” or “if only” that would change your life forever?  You’ve most likely taken chances before and the results didn’t worked out quite as planned. Congratulations! You’re miles ahead of the person who dreams and does nothing. In fact, you’ve taken the most important step to manifesting those dreams you have. It’s easy to put famous people on a pedestal or admire the life of someone who’s been successful without knowing the truth behind everything that went into creating the success. Don’t be afraid to take chances or make mistakes for that is the fertile ground where solutions are nurtured and greatness abounds. #michaelddavis