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Happiness Is What You Think

Inside each of us lies the most powerful force we can experience. It is the cause of all heartache and happiness, triumph, and failure. It is the beginning of hate and love, of fear and faith. It is a constant companion to us, a friend, comforter, nemesis, and antagonist. Nothing begins or ends without its presence.

It is what sets us apart from the rest of the inhabitants of this planet. It is what allows us the ability to contemplate such things and the other wonders of the natural world we are born into. It has given us the power to create magnificent things of beauty as well as horrific ability to damage and annihilate all that surrounds us.

Yet even knowing this, it is often seemingly beyond our control. What we choose to think is truly who we are and what we become both to ourselves and others. Without thought, we are simply stardust in a cosmic wind.

Could it be that this is the answer to the question why? Why we are even here and what our purpose truly is? Possibly the answer has been inside us all along. Perhaps we’ve known the answer and simply chosen to ignore asking the question in the right way.  What can that question possibly be? What do you think?


Making Noise

Win Joy By Sharing It

I used to sing a song in Sunday school as a kid that went, “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands.” It fit nicely with the idea of “making a joyful noise” which I also remember from my early formative years of learning right from wrong, acceptable from unacceptable and how to love even when you didn’t necessarily feel like it was in your best interest to do so.

As I’ve grown older, and questionably wiser, I’ve begun to understand these things in clearer context to the world around me. I’ve come to the conclusion that we’d all be better off as a rule if we lightened up significantly on the hand wringing side of the equation and invested more heavily in making more happy noises towards and for one another.

I don’t often lift the veil on my personal spiritual leanings in my writing as they pertain to my own beliefs. It’s not that I’m ashamed or in denial or any of those other buzz words that certain well-meaning but potentially misguided people might wish to use to describe someone who believes that a personal relation to their understanding of God is just that, personal. But there are times when I’m mad as heck and can’t be silent any longer.

I care not whether a person is a deist, theist, atheist or conservationist. It doesn’t bother me if a person chooses to worship in a building, under the stars or hugging a tree. Ashrams, Temples, Synagogues, Monasteries, Mosques, Sweat Lodges and Cathedrals are nothing more than gathering places where people share their brand of belief, whether it be based on faith, fear, hatred or help. It’s a physical place, not a spiritual one.

The mind and the heart are where the true nature of one’s God resides. I can experience the presence of love, peace, and understanding where ever I may roam. It’s openness to the truth as it is made known to us that makes the most sense to me. It’s when individuals or groups, with designs of promoting their own selfish political beliefs, exert power and control to force their way into open and seeking hearts that I speak up.

We all want answers. But we deserve answers that promote the freedom to choose and to live happy and free, unfettered by the physical or emotional restraints of others who would use us for their own self-centered gain. In my world, the head and the heart are the true dwelling place of a personal relationship with whomever or whatever a person believes in. And that’s the fertile ground wherein ideas and ideologies are nurtured and grow.

Let those seeds we plant be love, caring, sharing all good things and helping everyone to make a joyful noise to who and what they believe gives them a right and a purpose to go on living and loving and caring as they serve others who seek answers of their own. It truly is a circle and what goes around does come back around.

One really does reap what one sows.





To Venture And To See

Daily Chalkboard Nesika Beach_4-30-16_0186

Last night I stood in darkness, staring into a starry sky, marveling at the wonders of life when we truly see and not simply look, I contemplated the possibilities.

Was this all by plan? Is it a fluke of nature or something originating from a single though traveling the universe, unabated and without end? Shortly after I received my answer in a most unexpected way.

Scanning the heavens with a powerful binocular, seeking the fuzzy shape of nebulae, a meteor cut a bright path across my field of view, and my question was answered.


An Ocean Of Difference

Daily Chalkboard_4-30-16 Making a meaningful difference during our short transit through life is a personal choice. We can simply coast through our existence, allowing things to happen to us, or make a conscience decision to create a personal  mission and do our best to help make good things happen for others as well as our self.

Too often people believe what they choose to do is of no consequence when in fact it makes more of an impact than we may ever know.The way you choose to live your life can not only affect the family and friends that surround you but in fact can have an immense effect on people world wide. Your impact all the possibilities you can imagine to be as great as you wish it to be. The decision is yours.

The key is to decide what your purpose will be and then passionately pursue that purpose until you’ve done all you possibly can to insure your dreams and desires come to pass.
Living a life of purpose, passion, gratitude and love is a gift each of us is given when we begin our journey. We make the choice to accept that gift or push it to the side and forget about it. Life happens. Why not make it the best life you possibly can?


The Song Within

Sing Your Very Best

Finding your own voice, to sing your song in your own way in the forest of life is the key to finding your Smile. Now when I use the word “Smile” I’m referring to that thing deep inside you that gets you energized, excited and that you find you have most passion for.

I’m not writing about passing interests or infatuations with subjects that may come and go. I’m speaking of those things that you know, deep in your head and your heart that you should be doing, but something is holding you back. It may be fear of ridicule, a sense of inadequacy or even the fear of being successful, but whatever it is, it’s holding you back from singing that song you are hiding inside.

I truly believe that each of us has something we are meant to contribute to this world. If we are to truly be happy and fulfilled it is critical that we discover what that something is.We can go our whole lives and not discover our purpose for being in this forest of voices and songs. It doesn’t have to be this way and it’s a critical decision that will determine if you leave this forest feeling as if you’ve sung your song in the most meaningful way.

Whatever natural talents, abilities or passionate interests you have, they are the starting point for discovering how best to contribute in that meaningful way. Always be thinking of the greater picture and stay focused on applying your song to help others. Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees and to feel that your song among those trees will make much of  a difference.

It does and you will if you only allow it to. Please, for the sake of the rest of us, sing your song so we may know your voice.


Lucky Is As Lucky Does

Luck Is Predictable

Some folks have all the good luck. Why do you suppose that is?  It seems like certain people we know of just keep having good things happen to them all the time while others can’t get a break in life no matter what they do, or don’t.

Take a closer look at those folks you consider to be so darned lucky all the time and you may just discover that it’s not good luck they rely on. In fact I can imagine many of them, if they were to take time to chat, would tell you they get a bit offended when hear people referring to them as being lucky.

If you want good luck then don’t wait for it to come riding up to you unannounced on a magic carpet. Good luck is a fable made up by those among us who are less inclined to make things happen and excuse away the success of others.  What most people call good luck is actually a byproduct of being proactive and productive so as to produce a desired outcome.

That isn’t good luck people. That’s paying attention, paying your way and paying it forward. Yep. Some people have all the luck alright. It’s because they’re the ones doing the required work to make it happen.

Want to be happier and successful in your life? Then do something about it. And no, I’m not going to wish you good luck, because I know better.


It’s Planting Season

Solitude and Faith.jpg

Give yourself a little space to grow and cultivate those thoughts and dreams of yours. Run your hands through the rich soil of possibilities and plant seeds of opportunity for yourself and others.

Tend to these thoughts daily as the farmer of good ideas and actions and don’t give up.

The concrete and asphalt of a hardened world leaves a crack now and then and flowers bloom in desolate places where no one ever thought they would.

Plant your garden of good deeds with seeds of hope and give them the life they yearn for and deserve.



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